The Exploratory Program helps students understand their strengths and goals, explore academic disciplines and careers, and use their knowledge to plan an appropriate course of study.

Exploratory Advising

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences who have not yet declared a major are assigned an Exploratory advisor. The College fields a team of Exploratory advisors who use their thorough knowledge of the University’s assets and resources to help students cultivate their interests and discover new ones.

Exploratory Studies

The College also offers first- and second-year students a two-credit course, GS150: Exploratory Studies, to help them shape their academic and vocational goals. The course focuses on three areas:

  • an analysis of students’ personal strengths, interests, beliefs, and values;
  • a concentrated exploration of academic majors;
  • and an introduction to career exploration and preparedness.

Study and discussion of texts and films along with informal and formal writing will help students as they are guided to discern possible academic, career, and vocational pathways. At Valpo, we are here to help you envision your future.

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Make an Appointment

To learn more about academic and vocational exploration, contact Yvonne Hale (219.464.5318) for an appointment in the Dean's Office.