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Why International Economics & Cultural Affairs at Valpo?

International Economics and Cultural Affairs (IECA) is an interdisciplinary major within the Global Studies B.A. program. IECA combines study of a world language and culture with internationally focused courses in economics, geography, history, and political science. Students select a regional emphasis (East Asia, Europe, or Latin America) which, in turn, determines the specific courses and language study the student will undertake.

The IECA major is distinct from a major in international business because it is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers, from international commerce and banking to policy design and government service. It helps students to understand a particular region in all its complexity — cultural, political, and economic.

International Economics & Cultural Affairs Highlights

Diverse Possibilities

The career opportunities for International Economics & Cultural Affairs majors are diverse. It will prepare graduates for a variety of careers.

Study Abroad

Students selecting the IECA track are encouraged to improve their linguistic fluency and cultural familiarity by studying abroad.

Experts and Mentors

Professors at Valpo help students develop their knowledge, their career plans, and their curiosity.

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Living Abroad in Another Language
When Valpo students live abroad in another language, they often return home changed and more deeply engaged with the world. Beyond the pleasure of traveling to beautiful places, students face obstacles, navigate discomfort, and experience linguistic and cultural encounters in impactful ways that lead to growth and a change in perspective. Explore these audio stories of living abroad in another language…
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