How does living abroad in another language create meaningful change in the whole person?

When Valpo students live abroad in another language, they often return home changed and more deeply engaged with the world.  Beyond the pleasure of traveling to beautiful places, students face obstacles, navigate discomfort, and experience linguistic and cultural encounters in impactful ways that lead to growth and a change in perspective. Explore these audio stories of living abroad in another language.

Open to new possibilities

Sara Eveler ’19, Germany


Learning to do less

Isabel Coffey ’20, Greece

Forced to speak up

Kristen Morris ’19, Costa Rica, Brazil

Traveling solo

Gabrielle Neuman ’19, Spain

Finding comfort in commonalities

Sarah Crowe ’19, Germany

Unexpected hospitality

Brittany Barrett ’18, Mexico

A diverse world, a new perspective

Skye Schoedel ’19, France

A sense of purpose and direction

Lauren Clark ’19, France

Take, eat

Ethan Stoppenhagen ’18, Germany




I wanted to be an ally

Dr. Amy Liakopoulos ’10, Spain

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