Student Learning Objectives (SLO) for Majors

1. Students will attain a high level of language proficiency. In the modern languages, this proficiency includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking; in the classical languages, reading and writing.

  1. Reading: Students will comprehend and interpret a variety of texts.
  2. Writing: Students will write clearly and effectively in a variety of genres (e.g. narrative and persuasive essay, personal and business correspondence, and literary analysis).
  3. Listening and Speaking: Students will communicate effectively with native speakers in both formal and informal verbal contexts.

2. Students will analyze and appreciate key literary texts and recognize important authors and literary movements, thereby becoming critical readers of literature.

3. Students will demonstrate knowledge of and sustained appreciation for the relevant culture, both past and present.

4. Students will find, evaluate, engage with, and correctly cite sources of information in both the target language and in English, mindful of how these sources support their own academic work.

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