Advisors from other departments working with language students can refer to this document for department policies and guidelines.

For academic year 2019-2020, students work with the following advisors:

• Chinese minors: Prof. Lien–

• French majors and minors: Prof. Tomasik–

• German majors and minors:

Freshmen: Prof. Simon–
Sophomores: Prof. Fuchs–
Juniors and Seniors: Prof. Malchow–Timothy

• Greek and Roman Studies majors and minors: Prof. Karas–

• Japanese minors: Prof. Kavanagh–

• Spanish majors and minors:

New majors: Prof. Hoult-Saros–
New minors: Prof. López-Martín–
New VIEP (or Engineering + Spanish): Prof. Miguel-Pueyo–

Tutoring Resources: 

 Connect with a Language Tutor


World language students can practice their language and find tutoring support through the Language Resource Center, located in room 240 of the Arts and Sciences Building (ASB). Tutors are called “Language Partners” and have a set schedule during the regular academic year.  Tutoring sessions are one-on-one and last 20-30 minutes. Students can set up 2 or 3 consecutive sessions for a longer appointment.