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If you know you’d like to make the study of German a part of your college experience, you couldn’t come to a better place than Valpo. Our program has been designated by the AATG as a “Center of Excellence,” and we have a lot to offer. Have fun exploring our website, and then contact one of us if you’d like to hear more.

Fund your German Studies

Valpo German majors and minors receive scholarships and apply for campus jobs. They also go on to rewarding careers.

German House and Cultural Center

Expand your German skills by living in the Kade-Duesenberg German House and Cultural Center which brings all German activities on campus together in one place.

German at Valpo

Engaging Coursework

Take classes from Valpo’s German professors and study abroad in Germany. Many students combine their German with another academic area.

Student Profiles

Jade is majoring in both German and International Relations. Before studying abroad in Tübingen, Germany as a junior, she lived in the Kade-Duesenberg German House and Cultural Center, and she is returning there as a senior to be the RA.