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Student Profiles


Sarah German & Business Analytics

“The main reason I chose to come to Valpo is because of the strong German program. Valpo’s German program has given me many opportunities to practice my German language skills, especially the Kade Duesenberg German House Residence. Valpo’s German program has allowed me to feel confident in my German, so I can hopefully work in the business sector in Germany and feel comfortable with the international business environment.”


Jade German & International Relations

“The German program at Valpo is one of the main reasons that I chose to go to Valpo. Alongside my International Relations major, Valpo and its German program have truly helped me grow and expand my worldview through their culturally immersive approach to education. I will be studying abroad in Tübingen my junior year, and I am ever grateful for the opportunities that Valpo has given me!”

Senior Kate 089

Kate German & Music

“One of the biggest reasons that I decided to attend Valpo was the German program. I’ve really been able to grow and challenge myself since I’ve been here, and I have even been able to integrate my knowledge of German into my second major, Music Composition. It has been great!”


Travis German & Computer Science

“When I enrolled at Valpo, I didn’t know what I wanted to study, except that German had to be part of it. Before my third year I had changed my second major four times. Valpo and the German program offer the flexibility to stick with your passions while exploring new interests with professors and advisors who support you the entire way.”


Collin German & Engineering

“I chose Valpo for several reasons. I wanted to combine my engineering degree with German in programs that would push me to be great in both. Additionally, I wanted to go to a school where my study abroad options did not limit me or make it more difficult to be a student. Valpo allows me to combine all three in the Valparaiso International Engineering Program in German (VIEP-German), an amazing opportunity that I did not find anywhere else.”


Laura German & Engineering, Physics & Education

“The VIEP German and Engineering program was one of the main reasons I chose Valpo over other universities. I like studying many diverse subjects like German, engineering, physics, and education because it allows me to broaden my perspectives so I can tackle problems from many different possible angles. The VIEP program lets me work towards that goal by learning how Germans approach educating their engineers differently than how we do it in the US.”


Sarah German & IECA

“I knew that I wanted to develop a global mindset and studying International Economics and Cultural Affairs (IECA) and German has helped me to do that. Both degrees have taught me about international relations, political systems, and about the German language and culture – and it’s been such a broadening experience thanks to excellent and experienced professors. These degrees have prepared me to travel to Germany as well as for a career abroad in international business, government, and more!”