Inaugural Golden Bells International Composition Contest

for Chinese Instruments with Western Orchestra



Grand Prize Winners named

Golden Bells International Composition Contest Executive Director Jianyun Meng is pleased to announce the two Grand Prize Winners of the 2021-22 call for works featuring Da Sheng Bells, ancient Chinese ceremonial carillon, with western orchestra. Enzhe Zheng, graduate student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, is the winner in the age 30 and younger division with his piece Rosefinch – 朱雀, based on the vermilion bird in the Wuxing that represents fire, the south, longevity and immortality. The winner in the open division is Censong Leng, Associate Professor and postgraduate supervisor at the Wuhan Conservatory. His Shang-ssu Festival celebrates a spring purification ritual where cups of wine are floated down a river, with participants drinking from whichever wine cup appears in front of them. Each composer will receive a prize of $3500 US.

A gratifying collection of quality scores were submitted from throughout the United States and China. The scores were subjected to initial screening for playability of the Da Sheng Bell parts, as well as contest rules such as total duration. The Chinese and American judges received the qualifying scores anonymously for review. We are happy to report that their choices were independent, but unanimous. Additional compositions will be recognized with Citations of Merit, and an honorarium.

The winning pieces will be premiered on a Thursday, December 29, 2022, 8 pm concert by the Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA in New York City’s Carnegie Hall with Contest Artistic Director Dennis Friesen-Carper conducting.

金编钟国际作曲大奖赛行政总监孟剑云先生欣然宣布 2021-22 年度征集大晟
钟 – 中国古代礼仪用钟 – 与西方管弦乐队协奏作品的两位大奖获得者。香港
原型创作的《朱雀》获得了本次大赛 30 岁及以下组的冠军,而公开组的冠
古代庆祝春季的净化仪式 – 将酒杯顺河漂流,参与者饮用漂流到他们面前的
酒杯中的美酒。两位作曲家将各获得 3500 美元的奖金。
获奖作品将于 2022 年 12 月 29 日星期四晚上 8 点由美国亚洲文化中心交响
总监 Dennis Friesen-Carper 博士担任。

Biographies of the winning composers

Enzhe Zheng is currently a doctoral student in composition at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, having the pleasure of studying composition with Professor Wan Ki Lee Wendy. Zheng has received dual master’s degrees in composition from the University of Central Oklahoma and South China Normal University, and a bachelor’s degree in musicology from South China Normal University. Zheng’s compositions are mostly inspired by Chinese art, mythology, stories, scenery, and other elements related to Chinese culture.

郑恩哲现为香港中文大学作曲博士生,师从Wan Ki Lee Wendy 教授学习作曲.

Censong Leng’s wide array of compositions includes orchestral, chamber, concerto, ballet, choral, piano, accordion, electroacoustic and spectral music. His many previous awards include a domestic Golden Bells Award and International Chinese Chamber Music Composition Competition Award. His works have been featured on music festivals such as the Sound & Music Computing Conference in Hamburg, MUSIC ACOUSTICA-BEIJING, Shanghai International Electroacoustic Conference, International Computer Music Conference in New York, and the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. Previous performances in Carnegie Hall include the 2019 New York Global Music Competition and Brooklyn Music Teachers Guild in 2018. Prof. Leng is Associate Professor, and supervisor of postgraduate studies at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music. He entered the attached middle school of the Wuhan Conservatory with the violin in 1977, and from 1989 he studied composition with Peng Zhimin and Wu Yuebei.

琴、手风琴、电声和频谱音乐等。 冷先生的作品曾多次获奖,包括中国国内
的金钟奖、国际华人室内乐作曲大赛大奖等,并曾在汉堡Sound & Music
Computing Conference、MUSIC ACOUSTICA-BEIJING、上海国际电声大
年和2019 年冷先生的作品就曾被布鲁克林音乐教师协会和纽约全球音乐大

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