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Insights from a Serial Entrepreneur and Engineer Extraordinaire with Cary Conrad

Thursday, March 28 – 5:00 PM

Aspiring to become an entrepreneur with a strategic focus on generating substantial financial returns? Learn the ins-and-outs of effective fundraising strategies tailored to your startup and business needs from Cary Conrad, serial entrepreneur with years of experience.

Cary is driven by a strong appetite for jumping into underdeveloped markets and building businesses that create new technologies, especially in the cybersecurity realm. An engineer by training and a serial entrepreneur, he also specializes in team building and business development for technology start-ups and large organizations.

Cary is currently the President of SilverSky, a cloud-based cybersecurity platform that helps businesses monitor firewalls and automate remediation processes to handle threats. He started his career as a systems engineer with Hughes Aircraft Company, then moved on to research engineer in national security systems at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, subsequently launched a technology start-up focused on security solutions for large financial services organizations. After his company’s successful acquisition by a large technology partnership, he led a turnaround of a global provider of managed security services. Cary, until recently, served as President and CEO of a Stealth-Mode predictive analytics venture based on the D4M technology invented at MIT that focuses on AI solutions to complex Big Data problems in multi-spectral information networks.

Cary holds a BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Valparaiso University. He writes frequently about cybersecurity issues and authors a blog advising C-level executives on how to safely secure their information assets.

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