Law School FAQ

Law School FAQ

General Law School Questions:

Valparaiso University Law School admissions were suspended in November, 2017. The final class of law students graduated from Valparaiso University Law School in May, 2020.

Based on a several-year process, which included efforts to seek to improve the Law School’s financial circumstances, and analysis of the Law School’s projected future financial position conducted by third-party financial consultants, the University Board of Directors voted in November 2017 to suspend admission of a first-year law school class in Valparaiso, Indiana for the fall of 2018.

After extensive exploration of alternatives, on October 26, 2018, the Valparaiso University Board of Directors directed the University’s Administration to teach-out the current law students in a timely manner and cease operations. After graduating its last remaining students in May 2020, the Law School ceased operations in Summer 2020.

Valparaiso University Law School was continuously accredited by the American Bar Association from May 6, 1929 until its final closure in Summer 2020. All graduates of Valparaiso University Law School after May 6, 1929 graduated from an ABA-accredited law school.

The Law Library is closed to the public. Some law library resources are available at the Valparaiso University Christopher Center Library. See for more information. 

Law School memorabilia such as class composites and historical items have been archived to preserve the legacy of the Law School. Some pieces may be displayed throughout the Valparaiso University campus. Please contact or call 219.464.5808 for information from the University Archives. 

Wesemann Hall and historic Heritage Hall remain a part of the Valparaiso University campus at this time and will be used to support other campus needs. 

Law Clinic:

Yes, like the Law School itself, the Law Clinic has ceased operations.

The Valparaiso University Office of General Counsel is maintaining case files. Please call 219.464.6702 with inquiries. 


All Law School student records are maintained by the Valparaiso University Office of the Registrar. For transcript inquiries, go to

All Law School student records are maintained by the Valparaiso University Office of the Registrar. For bar certification and character & fitness inquiries, please contact or 219.464.5212. 

Valparaiso University graduates, including graduates of the Law School, are served by the Valparaiso University Career Center. For more information, please reach out to the Career Center at or 219.464.5005. 

The Valparaiso University Office of Alumni Relations is happy to assist you, and to connect you to the network of Valpo Alumni across the country and around the world. For information about engagement with your alma mater, connections with other alumni, and other Valpo Alumni opportunities, please reach out or 219.464.5142. 

Law Review:

For reprint permissions, please contact Jon Bull at  In the alternative, you have the Law Review’s permission to reprint (citing to the journal); however, you will need to obtain permission from the original author.

Past issues can no longer be provided in hard copy; however, the Valparaiso University Law Review can be accessed at the following link: