Office of Career Planning Weekly Email

7/1 – 7/14

Top 5 Jobs

Job ID# Employer Location Job Title Preferred Class – rising 2Ls  and 3Ls
3431 National Railway Equipment Co. Dixmoor, IL In-House Corporate Law Clerk, apply by 7/25/2013 1L, 2L
3442 Farmworker & Landscaper Advocacy Project Chicago, IL Fall 2013 Extern or Pro Bono Intern, apply by 8/1/2013 for externship 1L, 2L
3445 U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs & Border Protection Chicago, IL Spring 2014 Extern or Pro Bono Intern, apply by 9/1/2013 for externship 1L, 2L
3448 Lake County Public Defender Crown Point, IN Pro Bono Intern, immediate need 1L, 2L
3397 Office of the Legislative Inspector General, City of Chicago Chicago, IL Pro Bono Intern, apply by 7/14 1L, 2L


New Access Information for BYU’s Intercollegiate Job Bank

The Intercollegiate Job Bank access Link:

Username: jobfind

NEW password:  EmployUs

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FALL 2013 Externships now posted in Strategy – Employers are now seeking to fill Fall 2013 extern positions

Check the Job Postings and Apply Now!

Chicago Board of Education – #3393 – apply by 7/15

Chicago Park District – #3300 – apply by 8/1

Cook Co. Public Guardian – #3299 – apply by 7/12

Cook Co. State’s Attorney – #3297 – apply by 8/1

DuPage County Public Defender – #3398 – apply by 7/15

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – #3308 – apply by 8/1

Illinois Attorney General – #3323 – apply by 8/5

Illinois Human Rights Commission – #3326 – apply by 7/11

Internal Revenue Service – #3391 – apply by 7/31

Porter County Dept. of Child Services – #3298 – apply by 8/1


Alumni Mentor Program

Attention Students! Sign up for the Alumni Mentor Program! This is an available resource for all students. With over 100 Alumni volunteers signed up to participate, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. The program is accessible through Strategy; click here for more details on how to get started!


Etiquette Tips from the Culture and Manners Institute

When Texting is Vexing

Sometimes a text sends the wrong message.

An operations manager told me her business had some clients who were annoyed by representatives from the business contacting them by text message. Why?  The clients felt the text messages were an intrusion because they felt text messaging was more personal, something they do only with family members.

Should you phone, email, text, snail mail your clients or meet face to face?  It really depends on the client. Some might prefer a text. The safest thing to do is ask them:
“How do you prefer to be contacted?”
“What’s the best way to reach you?”
“Do you mind if I send you a text message?”

Remember, etiquette is not a bunch of stuffy rules.  The purpose of etiquette is to make the people around you more comfortable — and that’s good for business.

Responding to Offers

Do you accept this job, for rich benefits or poor ones, in sick days and in health, till layoffs do you part?

If you are offered a job and you accept, follow up a verbal agreement with a letter of acceptance that shows your enthusiasm. “Thank you for your confidence in me for the director of operations position.  I am very enthusiastic to meet the entire team and I can’t wait to get started…”

If you decide not to take an offer, send a letter of regret.
“Thank you for your kind offer.  While you have an impressive company and I believe you would be a wonderful person to work for, I feel like the manager position is not a good fit with my skills at this time…”  

The interview process, while it is work on your part, is also a lot of work on the company’s part.  Be complimentary, even if you would rather be buried in a box of snakes than work there, because you never know if you might cross paths with people from that company down the road.  Build bridges,

don’t burn them.


CLE and Networking Event – Introduction to Indiana Mechanic’s Liens

When: Thursday, July 11, at 5:30 p.m.

The Porter County Bar Association will provide drinks and appetizers.

Where: Upstairs at Buffalo Wild Wings, 212 East Lincolnway, Valparaiso

Cost: FREE for PCBA members ($10.00 for all others)

Register at