A Note from the Dean


A Note from the Dean

Dear Alumni and Friends,

This is a crucial time for law students to secure employment, during the summer for 1Ls and 2Ls and long-term for 3Ls.  Our Career Planning Center (CPC) is taking extra steps to make sure our students are “on the radar” of prospective employers. For those of you who anticipate hiring in the next few months, I strongly encourage you to contact the CPC and consider Valpo law students.  If you are aware of other employers in your communities that may be filling law-related positions, please encourage them to consider Valpo law students.  You can be our best ambassadors in introducing employers to our students.

Although occasionally interrupted by the weather, the Law School has been very active during the early part of 2014. The Office of Alumni Relations has engaged in a number of outreach activities. In January, the law school sponsored  two alumni lunches (Indianapolis and Chicago) and held a well-attended evening gathering in Northwest Indiana.  Amelia Chizwala, a recent Law School graduate from Colorado visited the campus to speak with law students and participate in the University’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day commemorative events.  Our Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Vanessa Verner, is working feverishly to respond to alumni interested in supporting the Law School to help improve the student experience.  Alumni have raised their hands to volunteer as speakers, mentors, representatives, council members, donors and resources.

In April, representatives of the ABA and the AALS will visit the Law School for a regular (once every seven years) accreditation review.  An important component of the accreditation review process is the requirement that the Dean and faculty engage in a self-study and ABA site visit. During the four-day visit, members of the ABA review team will meet with faculty, administration (Law School and University), students, and alumni. In addition, they will visit classes, tour Wesemann and Heritage Halls, and review required documentation submitted by the Law School.  We remain confident that the Law School will retain its accreditation, which it has held since 1929.

Our great legacy of providing a sound legal education is undergirded by the support of our alumni. The accreditation team will look at our alumni relations and fundraising efforts.  I am proud to showcase you, our alumni, who are a vital part of our community.

Please remain connected with the law school and, if you have not had the opportunity to get involved, please make an effort to do so in the near future.  We look forward to hearing from you, at


Ivan E. Bodensteiner

Dean and Professor