Course Work at Other Approved Law Schools

Credits earned at other ABA-accredited or foreign law schools, including summer sessions, will be counted as elective hours only, and only with the advance approval of the Vice Dean. No transfer credit may be used to fulfill courses required for the VU degree unless permission is granted expressly by the Vice Dean. Further, no more than 30 transfer credits may be applied to the VU degree, nor may credits earned in a “conditional” summer program be counted. Courses taken at other law schools will not fulfill prerequisites for courses offered at the Law School without advance approval of the Vice Dean. No more than seven (7.0) hours of summer school work may be transferred each summer.

An equivalent grade of 2.0 (C) or better must be obtained in each course taken at another law school in order for credit to be accepted. Grades earned at other law schools will not be calculated into the student’s GPA. Students who intend to take courses at another law school must first apply for approval by submitting the proper form which is available at It is the responsibility of the student requesting transfer credit from another law school to have an official transcript forwarded from that school to the Registrar after courses are completed and grades are available. No credit will be granted without an official transcript.