Policies Regarding Transfer of Credit

Credit Awarded to Transfer Students

A student transferring to Valparaiso University Law School from another law school is expected to have completed the first year of law school, usually 24-30 credit hours and may receive up to 30 hours of course credit, provided: That the student meets the scholastic average required for graduation by that law school and all other conditions and requirements for continued attendance at that school; That the student’s scholastic standing meets the requirements of the Valparaiso University Law School for advanced standing; That the work which the student has completed is similar in character to that which is given at Valparaiso University Law School; and That the student has met the entrance requirements of Valparaiso University Law School for first year law students. The right is reserved to withhold such credit, wholly or in part. Credit which has been granted provisionally may be withdrawn because of unsatisfactory work at Valparaiso University Law School. No advanced standing is given for courses completed with a grade of 1.7 (C-) or below (or the equivalent).

Prior to registration, a student admitted with advanced standing must consult with the Law School’s Registrar regarding credit to be transferred. The amount of credit transferred depends on the quality of the student’s record and the relationship of the coursework to the program at Valparaiso University Law School. A maximum of 30 hours of course credit may be transferred. Grades from transferred credits will not be used to compute the student’s cumulative grade point average at Valparaiso University Law School. The student must obtain and maintain a grade point average of at least a 2.0 (C) at Valparaiso University Law School to be eligible for a degree. In the computation of a student’s standing, grades of 0.0 (or F) earned at Valparaiso University Law School are included. Students who enter with advanced standing do not have an official class ranking until graduation.