Facts & Figures

History and Accreditation

Founded in 1879 and accredited by the ABA in 1929 and the AALS in 1930

For more information, contact:

American Bar Association
Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
Attn:  Site Evaluation Administration
321 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654
Section of Legal Education General Number: (312) 988-6738

Law Clinics

Civil, Criminal, Domestic Violence, Juvenile, Immigration, Sports Law, and Tax. Please visit the Law Clinic page to find out more about our clinic offerings.


Over 190 externship opportunities at individual offices, varied in credit hours, are established at firms, agencies, courts, and organizations throughout the United States.

Degree Programs

J.D. (3 year full-time, 2 1/2 year accelerated full-time, and 4-6 year part-time), 7 Dual Degree Programs (J.D./MBA; J.D./MA in Chinese Studies; J.D./MA in Liberal Studies; J.D./MA in Psychology; J.D./MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling; J.D./MS in International Commerce & Policy; J.D./MS in Sports Administration) and an LL.M. degree in American Law for international lawyers.

Career Planning

The Career Planning staff of law career advisors offer professional counseling and coaching, an alumni mentoring program, and a range of career development activities. For more information on career planning, please visit the Career Planning Center.