Career Planning Resources for Alumni

One of the goals of Career Planning is to assist alumni in staying connected and to use the law school as a continued resource. Below is a list of opportunities for alumni.

Services and Involvement Opportunities for Alumni

Career Counseling

Career Planning provides alumni with assistance in resume critique, salary negotiations, job postings, and so much more. Our alumni are invited to peruse our career search technology, Symplicity. If you used Symplicity as a student, please continue to use the same username (valpo e-mail) and password as an alumni.  If you need access to Symplicity or would like one-on-one career counseling, please contact Career Planning today by emailing us at or call 219.465.7814.

Additional resources available for alumni conducting a job search:


Valparaiso Law School has partnered with the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Foundation. We host weekly CLE’s on campus as part of this partnership. If you are an Indiana licensed attorney, please click here for CLE schedules. We look forward to seeing you.

Professional Networking Events

The law school hosts events for networking and professional development. Events vary based on the location and purpose, but we continue to engage alumni by allowing them to network amongst each other at dinners and gatherings. Check out the events page to see the next event in your area.

Alumni Mentoring Program

The Alumni Mentor Program is a new initiative where young alumni, up to three years post-graduation, have the opportunity to contact other alumni for mentoring opportunities.  The contacts can be based on searchable characteristics in the database, such as practice area or geographic area of interest.  Mentors offer assistance in various ways such as hosting informational interviews, offering professional advice and helping others enhance their professional networks. Contact Gail Peshel at for more information.


There are various ways to be engaged as an alumnus of Valparaiso Law. Learn of those opportunities by visiting the Office of Alumni Relations web page  Please contact Gail Peshel at 219.465-7898 or at if you would like to be involved or have suggestions for other ways you would like to engage as an alumnus.