“T” Databases

Tax Planning International: Asia-Pacific Focus (BNA)

Tax Planning International: European Tax Service (BNA)

Tax Planning International: Indirect Taxes (BNA)

Tax Planning International: Review & Forum (BNA)

Taxation and Economic Reform in America (HeinOnline)

Contains primary and secondary documents relating to the history of taxation in America.

TaxCore (BNA)

Tax Management Portfolios–Federal Collection: U.S. Income, Estates, Gifts and Trusts, and Foreign Income (BNA)

A go-to resource for those needing to better understand a particular aspect of federal income tax law.

Tax Management: Compensation Planning Journal (BNA)

Tax Management: Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal (BNA)

Tax Management: International Journal (BNA)

Tax Management: Memorandum (BNA)

Tax Management: Real Estate Journal (BNA)

Tax Management: State Tax Portfolios (BNA)

Tax Management: Tax Practice Bulletin (BNA)

Tax Management: Tax Practice Series (BNA)

Tax Management: Transfer Pricing Report (BNA)

Tax Management: Weekly Report (BNA)

Tax Management: Weekly State Tax Report (BNA)

Telecommunications Monitor (BNA)

Toxics Law Reporter (BNA)

Transfer Pricing International Journal (BNA)

Transportation Watch (BNA)

Treaties and Agreements Library (HeinOnline)