Tax Law Databases

Daily Tax Report (BNA)
E-Commerce Tax Report (BNA)
IntelliConnect with Omni Tax Library, Intelliforms, and State and Federal Online School Library

IntelliConnect provides access to CCH tax materials.

International Tax Monitor (BNA)
Taxation and Economic Reform in America (HeinOnline)

Contains primary and secondary documents relating to the history of taxation in America.

TaxCore (BNA)
Tax Management Portfolios (BNA)

A go-to resource for those needing to better understand a particular aspect of federal income tax law.

Tax Management Compensation Planning Journal (BNA)
Tax Management Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal (BNA)
Tax Management International Journal (BNA)
Tax Management Memorandum (BNA)
Tax Management Real Estate Journal (BNA)
Tax Management State Tax Portfolios (BNA)
Tax Management Tax Practice Bulletin (BNA)
Tax Management Tax Practice Series (BNA)
Tax Management Transfer Pricing Report (BNA)
Tax Management Weekly Report (BNA)
Tax Management Weekly State Tax Report (BNA)
Tax Planning International Asia-Pacific Focus (BNA)
Tax Planning International European Tax Service (BNA)
Tax Planning International Indirect Taxes (BNA)
Tax Planning International Review & Forum (BNA)