Valparaiso Law London/Cambridge Program

Students can enhance their worldview of the law by spending a summer semester at the Valparaiso University Cambridge Center in Cambridge, England. You’ll be taught by Valparaiso Law professors and possibly guest lecturers from the host community. In the summer of 2017, the program will run from June 25 through July 21. Application deadline: April 15, 2017.

TBD.  For planning purposes only, the 2016 tuition was $6,250.00 (includes program fee, housing, on-site transportation excluding airfare, and some activities)

Course Information:

Law-495-C3: Comparative Constitutional Law
Professors Gaffney & Knowles
3 credits

This course explores similarities and differences between two major constitutional systems: highlighting the Bills of Rights in the U.K. and subsequent constitutional developments in the EU, and in the state and federal constitutions of the U.S. It identifies the formation and development of the unwritten English constitution as the ground of American constitutive meaning in legal concepts such as due process of law, equal protection of the laws, and civil liberties secured in the Bills of Rights of our state and federal Constitutions in parallel “constitutional moments.”

Law-495-C2: Comparative National Security Law
Professor Telman & Knowles
2 credits

Nothing puts the rule of law in a democracy under greater pressure than when a nation wages war or seeks to protect itself from its enemies.  This course will explore the different ways that different legal systems tackle these challenges.   We will focus on how domestic legal orders seek to balance interests in national security and civil liberties.   The course will also introduce students to the workings of customary international law, treaty law and the international legal regimes relevant to national security issues.   Students will analyze historical case studies, and debate current policies.  We will also seek opportunities to meet with U.K. national security lawyers and international legal experts on national security law.