Student Organizations

Legal education, by definition, is based on active participation – especially in the classroom. But a legal education is not confined to the classroom. Beyond course instruction, students continue their professional development in both formal and informal activities, discussions, corridor debates, and friendly arguments with fellow students and faculty. The stimulating contacts of student life at Valparaiso combine to develop a broadened outlook in each student. A healthy spirit of competition, which encourages each student to strive for excellence, complements the kind of camaraderie and mutual respect which characterizes the legal profession and Valparaiso University Law School.

The Law School supports a number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which are available to both full and part time students. Officers are elected each year from within the student body, and a current listing is available from the Law Review OfficeMoot Court Office, or Student Bar Association respectively.

If you need a new student organization website or to update an existing one, please contact Dean Howard at

 Student Groups