Trial Advocacy Team

Valparaiso’s Trial Advocacy team is comprised of 2L’s and 3L’s interested in the art of trial advocacy. The team’s mission is to foster the art of trial advocacy through a classroom component, an intra-school competition, and various competitions against other law schools across the country.

Some years ago, the Valparaiso Mock Trial team was reconstructed and become the Trial Advocacy program, as it remains today. The program has grown dramatically, in size and competing in new tournaments across the country in hopes of representing Valparaiso Law respectably and competitively.

Trial Advocacy is intended to develop students’ oral advocacy skills, case preparation and presentation, and understanding of the ethical issues involved in trial advocacy. The team is dedicated to personal and professional development through working with local practitioners, judges, and professors to develop trial advocacy skills.

Chairperson:  Gene Wilson
Intra-school Chair:  Brandon Loera
Secretary & Chair of Alumni Relations:  Elizabeth Whaley-Breny
Competition Chari: Joseph Bauer
Advisor: D’Anthony Thedford