Requirements for Student Performance and Grading Method

The course syllabus from 2016 is available here.  The 2018 syllabus will be similar.

There will be a comprehensive exam back in Valparaiso one week after the course has ended to give students time to assimilate the material, ask questions and recuperate from jetlag.

Travel Cancellations

Travel cancellation insurance is included in the cost of the program.  Travel cancellation insurance does not cover all contingencies.  Students are advised to read the insurance policy carefully and to decide accordingly.


In the past, students have been housed for seven nights at the YMCA Hotel (West Jerusalem), one night at Kibbutz HaGoshrim (near Tiberias), and six nights at Maxim Hotel (Tel Aviv) or similar accommodations.  All are double occupancy.  We expect to provide the same or similar accommodations in 2018.


There are no prerequisites.  The course is capped at 30 students. This course is not open to students from other U.S. law schools