Law School Frequently Asked Questions

Will law school classes continue as scheduled?

All class schedules will remain as planned, and all necessary classes will continue as long as current students are enrolled at the law school. 

What are the career placement resources available to current students?

Current students will continue to have the full benefits of the Law School’s Career Planning Center and staff to explore career options and find employment. 

Will Law School tuition increase to cover expenses?

No. There is no increase for the Law School tuition.

Will the Law School still honor student financial scholarships?

Yes. Any and all financial aid and scholarships that have been awarded to individual students remain in place in Valparaiso subject to the terms under which they were each granted.

Are the Law Clinics still operating?

Yes. Currently-enrolled students will continue to have the opportunity to participate in live-client clinics and clinics will continue to serve clients.

Will there still be Externship opportunities available next summer?

Yes. The Associate Dean of Experiential Education is continuing to work with students and with Externship placements.

What is the status of the Law School’s accreditation with the ABA?

The Law School is in good standing with the ABA, and our current accreditation runs until 2021. 

What financial aid resources are available?

Currently enrolled students will continue to have the support of the university’s financial aid office. Students should feel free to meet with financial aid advisors if they have questions. 

Do students need to transfer?

No. Valparaiso University is committed to the success of all currently enrolled law students and the completion of their legal education. Faculty will continue to teach their planned courses and deliver the Valparaiso University Law School curriculum.

If students are interested in transferring, what action should they take?

Students who are interested in exploring their transfer options should contact the Assistant Dean of Law Student Affairs to learn more.

What can students do to help?

Concentrate on academic success, bar preparation, and career development. Everyone at the Law School and the University is committed to helping you succeed.