Transfer Students

Instructions for Transfer Admission (Advance Standing)

Students seeking to transfer into Valparaiso University Law School are required to submit the following by July 1 for fall entry:

  1. complete application for admission (including essay or cover letter explaining reason for transfer request and at least one letter of recommendation from law faculty who has taught you).
  2. A letter of good standing from the dean of the law school you are currently attending.
  3. An official transcript from your undergraduate institution showing the receipt of a bachelor’s degree.
  4. A certified academic transcript from your current law school covering all course work completed and to be completed prior to transfer.
  5. A copy of the 1st page of the Credit Assembly Service (CAS) report originally submitted for admission to your current law school.
  6. A $60 application fee in check or money order form payable to Valparaiso University.

A student transferring to the Law School from another law school is expected to have completed the first year of law school (usually 24 to 30 credits).  The student may receive up to 30 hours of course credit provided that the:

  1. law school from which he/she is requesting transfer is a member of the Association of American Law Schools or is on the approved list of the American Bar Association;
  2. student meets the scholastic average required for graduation by the current law school and all other conditions and requirements for continued attendance at that school;
  3. student’s scholastic standing meets the requirements for advanced standing at that law school;
  4. course work which the student has completed is similar in character to Valparaiso University Law School course requirements; and the
  5. student has met the entrance requirements of Valparaiso’s Law School for beginning law students.

No advanced standing is given for courses completed with a grade of 1.7 (C-) or below (or the equivalent).

Prior to registration, a student admitted with advanced standing must consult with the Law School’s Associate Dean or Registrar regarding credit to be transferred.  The amount of credits transferred depends on the quality of the student’s record and the relationship of the coursework to the program at the Law School.  A maximum of 30 hours of course credit may be transferred.  Grades from transferred course credit will not be used to complete the admittee’s cumulative grade point average at the Law School.  The admittee must obtain and maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0 (C) at the Law School to be eligible for a degree.  In the computation of a student’s standing, grades of 0.0 (or F) earned at Valparaiso University are included.  Students who enter with advanced standing are not assigned an official class rank until graduation.

Questions should be directed to the Law School Admissions Office:  219.465.7821 or