Private Loans

Choosing a lender is an important decision. You are beginning a relationship that will be a part of your life for many years to come. You have the option to choose any educational loan lender available to you.

As a result of so many changes being made to borrower benefits offered by each lender, we believe it is in your best interest to carefully evaluate your borrower relationship with a loan lender of your choice.

Below is a link to FASTChoice. You can view a comparison chart of lenders who continue to participate in the Private Loan Program.  FASTChoice and Great Lakes is not affiliated with The University in any way and The University does not endorse one lender over another. You may choose any educational loan lender you prefer.

Welcome to FASTChoice

What happens next?

Once you have selected a lender, apply for the loan using their web site! Did you know that peak processing begins before school starts in the fall? This sample timeline will guide you through the loan processes of how and when Student Financial Services Office will deliver your loan funds.
May – Shop around for your lender.
June – On your lender’s web site complete the application/promissory note. Please note, at that time your co-signer must also complete his/her portion of the application. Follow up with your lender 4-5 days after completing the application. This is the time to verify that your application is complete and that no further information is required.
(***Common missing items include a copy of a driver’s license, pay stub, or co-signer signature).
July – The lender will then notify Valpo of your application and our office will begin the process of certifying your student loan.
August – At the beginning of your academic term, your loan funds will be deposited into your student account.

Please note that individual loan providers have their own applications and timelines.
Plan to apply at least 45 days prior to the date the bill is due.