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Sensible borrowing cannot only help you pay for college, but also helps you establish a good credit history. Similarly, not making your regular payments can result in a poor credit rating or even default. Valpo students have been responsible borrowers. Here are a few facts:

For the past six years, Valpo’s default rate has been less than 3% compared with a national average of 8.8%.

Just under three-fourths of Valpo students borrow while in school. Valpo undergraduate borrowers graduating in December 2010 and May 2011 had an average debt of about $33,100, resulting in a 10-year monthly payment of about $370/month at today’s interest rates.  (These averages are based on federal, private, and institutional loans borrowed.)

The average debt based on Academic College is as follows:

 Undergraduate College         % who borrowed       Average Debt
 Arts & Sciences  74% $31,427
 Business  67%  $41,413
 Engineering  61%  $31,205
 Nursing  81%  $34,680

To try out specific loan payment scenarios, use this link:
Loan Payment Calculator