MLK Celebration


Dr. King once famously said, “The time is always ripe to do right”.  This often misquoted phrase sits at the core of Dr. King challenging the liberal and social elite of his time who critiqued his call for the immediate response to the hatred and bigotry, perpetrated by the powerful, allowed by the government, and condoned by the Christian.

Many individuals would say to King, “Only time can solve the problem. And if you will just be nice and patient and continue to pray, in a hundred or two hundred years the problem will work itself out.” It is this concept or myth that is used even to this day to justify a lack of effort, compliance to the status quo, and to divert the hearts of the young and the willing. King rebuked this myth by saying, “time is neutral. It can be used either constructively or destructively.”

It is with this background in mind that we stand as a community and say “it is OUR TIME.” No longer shall we sit by idly as injustice becomes the norm and trepidation becomes our guiding principle. Instead, we choose to use this day of remembrance as a reminder to our moral selves that the time is ripe for our community to lead the charge in doing what is right.

8:00 AM: Registration: Harre Union Lobby

8:30 AM: Welcome: Harre Union Ballroom (A)

9:30 AM: Focus Sessions (Ballrooms)

  •              Creating and Nurturing Inclusivity (Training)
  •              K-8 Option

11:45 AM: Lunch: Program: Community Room ($12 for Community Member)

1:30 PM: Break

2:00 PM: Convocation: Imani Perry, Ph.D., Chapel of the Resurrection

4:30 PM: Meet and Greet with Imani Perry, Ph.D., Harre Union

5:30 PM: MLK Theater featuring the play “The Mountaintop” by Katori Hall (more details)

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