When asked where he sees himself after graduation, without hesitation Redrick Taylor says that no matter what his future holds, it will involve giving back to communities that need help the most. A senior social work major, Taylor took advantage of numerous opportunities during his time at Valpo to learn through service.

It’s just one of the aspects of a Valpo education that Taylor appreciates.

“Valpo has provided me with an eclectic knowledge base that makes me well-versed in a number of different subjects,” Taylor said. “I appreciate that because I leave Valpo knowing not only that I have the job skills necessary to compete in the job market, but also the critical thinking skills that will allow me to find out information that I don’t know.”


Because of donations by alumni and friends of Valparaiso University to the VALPOfund, Taylor was able to attend college in an inclusive environment on a vibrant campus.

“When you invest in a Valpo student, you are investing in someone who is going to do something outstanding in the world,” Taylor said. “Their donation is going to benefit society. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate the gift and thank everybody for giving and caring and being willing to invest in the future of a student.”

It was not by chance that Taylor attended Valpo. In addition to the VALPOfund, the personal outreach from the school not only made Taylor feel connected immediately but also gave him a feeling of belonging.

“From the moment I stepped out of the car I was welcome and overwhelmed with encouragement and comfort,” Taylor said. “With other schools, I felt like they were shopping for students, whereas it felt like Valpo was recruiting me.”

Upon graduation, Taylor will be moving to St. Louis, where he will work for Teach For America and be able to apply his Valpo education to help other students.