As a double major, a leader at the Chapel of the Resurrection, and a member of numerous clubs and activities such as the Torch and VUTV, Nate King’s participation in University life has spanned much of the institution’s available outlets.

“Being involved in things socially, academically, spiritually, and physically, all these different things shape me into who I am as a Valpo student,” said King, a sophomore theology and communication major from Parker, Colo. “Valpo offers a very unique opportunity for a well-rounded liberal arts education.”

Among the many special characteristics of Valparaiso University, what has always stood out to King foremost is Valpo’s Lutheran heritage. Upon first arriving on campus, King’s attention was grabbed by the presence of the Chapel of the Resurrection and the opportunities it could provide him. That was solidified when he first attended a service there and realized the pews were full of people wanting the same thing as him: to worship.

“There are a lot of opportunities for students to be involved with campus ministries,” King said, “through the Chapel of the Resurrection and through other programs as well.”

The Lutheran ministry captivated King and encouraged him to choose Valpo.

“The Lutheran identity was important to me because I was going to be able to keep that foundation but at the same time learn different Christian traditions and experience other parts of that faith with students here at Valpo,” King said.

Valpo recognized King’s dedication to his faith and honored him with a spot in the Lutheran Leader scholarship and internship program, which solidified his decision to choose Valpo.

The Lutheran Leader program has given King the chance to grow his faith and lead others to do the same, but it has also allowed him to excel academically in the theology department as well as with communications. These opportunities prepare King for his future plans.

“In my career I would like to pursue opportunities to use my communications skills in the church,” King said.

Valpo helped him connect to the 2013 LCMS National Youth Gathering in San Antonio, where King will be serving as a member on the media correspondent team. King is looking forward to the honor of representing Valpo in Texas.

The donors who support the Lutheran Leader scholarship have made King’s and many other scholarship recipients’ experiences possible. To support students like King, visit

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a Valpo student, to learn in faith, to learn in the field I am pursuing, and to be a servant to the school and to the world,” King said.