If you feel you have received a ticket in error, you may file an appeal using the form below.  Your appeal will be reviewed by the parking appeals committee, and a response will be sent by email.

Please be aware of the following rules that govern the appeals process:

  • All decisions by the appeals committee are final and non-negotiable.
  • Appeals must be initiated within 7 days of the original ticket.
  • Please include all information relevant to your appeal in the form below.  You will not be able to add additional information at a later time unless it is requested by the appeals committee.  Incomplete appeals will be dismissed.
  • Parking tickets are paperless and issued via email.  Not receiving a paper ticket is not a valid appeal.
  • Ignorance of the campus parking regulations is not a valid appeal.
  • Profanity, lewd or aggressive language will result in immediate dismissal of your appeal.
  • Unregistered vehicle tickets are not eligible for appeals unless your vehicle was improperly cited as unregistered.
  • All violations are photographed.  If you feel an additional photo may help your case, you may upload it using the form below.