Students who choose the political science major can concentrate in three separate areas: general political science, legal studies, or public policy and public administration.


B.A. students in political science at Valpo must complete the general-education requirements for the B.A. This University-wide core strengthens communication and critical-thinking skills while introducing the student to global cultures and traditions. General-education requirements for the B.A. (.pdf) »

Requirements for the Major

POLS 120 The Government of the United States 3 credits
POLS 130 Comparative Politics 3 credits
POLS 240 Political Theory 3 credits
POLS 493 Senior Seminar in Political Science 3 credits
One concentration from the following options:

  • Legal Studies Concentration
  • Public Policy and Administration Concentration
  • General Political Science
18 credits
TOTAL 30 credits     

Concentration Requirements
POLS 360 Public Administration 3 credits
POLS 361 Public Policy 3 credits

At least nine credits from the following options:

  • POLS 210 Research Methods in Political Science
  • POLS 221 Political Behavior
  • POLS 261 State and Local Politics
  • POLS 271 The Judicial Process
  • POLS 320 Politics of Urban Areas
  • POLS 326 The Presidency
  • POLS 327 Congress
  • POLS 342 Political Ideologies
  • POLS 386 Internship in Political Science
  • POLS 390 Topics, Political Science
  • POLS 437 Comparative Public Policy
  • POLS 438 Gender and Public Policy in Global Perspective
  • POLS 490 Advance Topics, Political Science
9 credits
Three additional political science credits  3 credits
TOTAL 18 credits          

Concentration Requirements
Eighteen credits of political science courses 18 credits
TOTAL 18 credits 


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The study of politics focuses on the values that humans should seek and the particular legal and structural organizations that allow us to realize our desired values.

Students in POLS 327, Congress, are shown here in part of their two day, House Judiciary Committee Hearing, where four interest group representatives presented information on  H.R. 108:
To require Ignition Interlocks for First Time Drunk Driving Offenders.  The second day included the House Judiciary Committee debating, amending, and marking up the bill.