Students conduct original research and present it in public forums.

Social Work offers three different tracks for students interested in research. Sometimes, depending on interest and class-size, the program offers a Social Work 365/366 sequence, where students learn about statistics, research methods, and create their own single-study case design to present at SOURCE, VU’s undergraduate research conference.

Currently, students are encouraged to take the Sociology Research Methods sequence, SOC 319/320 to receive an in-depth research experience where students select a topic related to social work and conduct research like projects listed at the bottom of this page.

Additionally, for social work and psychology double majors, students are allowed to take the PSY 201/202 sequence to fulfill their statistics and research methods requirement.

Here are examples of some past student research projects:

The Impact of Proximity on Relations Between International and Domestic College Students
Stacia Hackmann, Danielle McCuan, Eleni Kaldis

College-age Women: What Influences Eating Disorders?
Sarah Hansen, Ashlyn Sorrell, Maribel Flores

The Impact of Higher Education on Undergraduate College Students’ Religiosity
Josie Scott, Ellie Propper, Katelyn Caragher

Mental Health Stigmas and Counseling Center Utilization Christina Crawley, Johannah Facer, Simone Ingram, Cara Odom, Sara Watts

Effects of Electronic Communication on Face-to-Face Communication Colleen Bulow, Barb LaRocco, Bethany Garling, Amy Wise

Living Homeless: The Interactions between Homeless Individuals and the Community in Which They Reside
Rachel Okerstom, Lena Walsh

The Extent of Visual Media Intake and Its Implications on Women’s Body Perception
Kirsten Eid, Madelyn Horvath, Megan Robbins

Facebook: Friend or Foe?
Lizz Mook, Cate Valentine

The Effects of Societal Constructs on Perceptions of Masculinity and Femininity
Kathryn Harris, Neal Janssen, Tia Kolasa

The Prevelence of Depression in the Elderly Based on Living Situation
Carlee Nelson, Sarah Johnson, Kelly Henkels

A Study of Depression and Social Connectedness
Rebecca Lohrmann, Kelly Erikson, Collette Doerschuk, Amanda Littell

A Study of Relationships of Individuals between Verbal Discrimination and Positive Association with Vulnerable Populations
Jessica McCallum, Kelsie Tieman

What Deters Young People from Smoking Cigarettes?
Rachel Kirkwood, Kendre Israel, Kendra Wicks