Taylor Deloye has grown so much since embarking on his personal journey at Valparaiso University, and his experience has helped him gain the confidence necessary for success.

“My academic, football, and extracurricular experiences have really shown me that I have what it takes to make it in the real world,” Taylor says.

“I’m excited to graduate and step out, take on a career path that I know I can be successful in, to really make an impact in the world.”

Students at Valpo develop meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. One of the ways you’ll get to know other students is through participating in our many extracurricular activities.

At Valpo, there are countless opportunities to get involved. Explore your faith through daily Morning Prayer at the Chapel of the Resurrection or spiritual retreats. Join an intramural league or get involved with Greek life. Student clubs and organizations will provide you many opportunities for service, as well as leadership skills that provide benefits for your entire life.