Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the University Writing Program and the University Writing Center?

The University Writing Program (UWP) focuses on the writing and information literacy skills of all undergraduate students.  As part of the UWP, the Writing Center provides strategies and guidance on writing assignments from any discipline at any stage in the writing process. Students interested in working in the Valpo Writing Center should contact Professor Salena Anderson

What needs are the writing program fulfilling?

The university’s goal is to have students who can investigate and interpret information and who can communicate effectively in relevant media and through current technologies. But why does this matter?

After graduation, students find their writing skills are recognized and appreciated, regardless of their major:

“Within five months of employment my boss has taken notice of my writing skills and given me an extra project. I think Valpo Core helped hone my writing skills. I remember in Core we always peer reviewed each other’s writing. That’s valuable because you can read how someone else writes and/or their perspective on a topic. That helps you further analyze your own paper and thoughts.” 

-Valpo ’16, now Highway Engineer

Valpo graduates believe writing outside of their discipline can be beneficial:

My theology professor pushed me to develop and explore different perspectives than my own.”

-Valpo ’16, now Communications Consultant

What is “Information Literacy”?

Information literacy (IL) is a spectrum of abilities, practices, and habits of mind that extends and deepens learning through engaging with the information ecosystem. Library faculty can assist you with a variety of IL tasks:  narrowing your research question, literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, research papers, finding sources, finding data, understanding sources, using sources in your paper, and citing sources. Each discipline has its own designated library faculty, so you are guaranteed to work with an expert.

What guidance do I have outside of class?

Aside from your professor and the librarians, you can also visit the Writing Center (located on the lower level of the Christopher Center Library). To schedule an appointment, you can visit their site here.

The library has some quick links online to help with research. For quick assistance with citation style guides, check out these Purdue Owl links: MLA, APA, Chicago Style, or AMA.

How many Writing and Information Literacy Courses (WICs) are required for graduation?

Students are required to take at least one WIC during their collegiate career but are encouraged to take more to further improve and enhance their writing abilities. if a course topic interests you, take it!

How do I write an email to a professor?

Check out these helpful sites to writing a proper email to a professor.