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Valparaiso Poetry Review

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Valparaiso Poetry Review presents poems, interviews, and essays by new, emerging, or well-known poets, including Sherman Alexie, David Baker, John Balaban, Walter Bargen, Claire Bateman, J.P. Dancing Bear, Pam Bernard, Christopher Buckley, Jared Carter, Billy Collins, Mark Conway, Peter Cooley, Alfred Corn, Barbara Crooker, Jim Daniels, William Virgil Davis, Kwame Dawes, Mark DeFoe, Cornelius Eady, Lynnell Edwards, W.D. Ehrhart, Claudia Emerson, Bernardine Evaristo, Patricia Fargnoli, Annie Finch, Daisy Fried, Jeff Friedman, Carol Frost, Brendan Galvin, Reginald Gibbons, David Graham, Jonathan Holden, T.R. Hummer, Colette Inez, Gray Jacobik, Allison Joseph, Adrianne Kalfopoulou, Julia Kasdorf, David Kirby, Dorianne Laux, Laurence Lieberman, Frannie Lindsay, Diane Lockward, Rachel Loden, Amit Majmudar, William Matthews, Walt McDonald, Jeff Mock, Alicia Ostriker, Eric Pankey, Elise Paschen, Kevin Pilkington, Stanley Plumly, Doug Ramspeck, Rochelle Ratner, Lex Runciman, Sherod Santos, Margot Schilpp, Vivian Shipley, Beth Simon, Jeffrey Skinner, Floyd Skloot, Karen Skolfield, Dave Smith, Kate Sontag, Barry Spacks, A.E. Stallings, Virgil Suarez, Barton Sutter, Catherine Tufariello, Brian Turner, Ingrid Wendt, Lesley Wheeler, Charles Wright, and many more.

Valparaiso Poetry Review also offers book reviews and commentary on various poets, including Maggie Anderson, David Baker, John Balaban, Michael Bazzett, Linda Bierds, Elizabeth Bishop, Marianne Boruch, David Bottoms, Jericho Brown, Jared Carter, Carl Dennis, James Dickey, Sharon Dolin, Rita Dove, Rebecca Dunham, Claudia Emerson, Eve Ewing, B.H. Fairchild, Patricia Fargnoli, Beth Ann Fennelly, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Jeff Friedman, Carol Frost, Brendan Galvin, Jorie Graham, Marilyn Hacker, Zbigniew Herbert, Brenda Hillman, Janet Holmes, Cathy Park Hong, Marie Howe, Tom C. Hunley, Donald Justice, Adrianne Kalfopoulou, Ilya Kaminsky, Mary Karr, Ted Kooser, Brad Leithauser, Philip Levine, Larry Levis, Rachel Loden, William Matthews, Campbell McGrath, Susan Mitchell, Gregory Orr, Michael Palmer, Marianne Poloskey, Sherod Santos, Vivian Shipley, William Stafford, A.E. Stallings, Mark Strand, Michael Waters, Charles Wright, James Wright, and others.

Valparaiso Poetry Review suggests an extensive reading list with recent and recommended books of contemporary poetry and poetics. Publishers are encouraged to send review copies of new poetry collections or volumes on poetics to Valparaiso Poetry Review, c/o Edward Byrne, English Department, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN 46383.

VPR invites submissions of unpublished poems, book reviews, author interviews, and essays about poetry or poetics which have not appeared online and for which the rights belong to the author. Unsolicited manuscripts are read year round. For further information, please visit the submission guidelines and correspondence page.