Recently Received and Recommended Books

Recent and Recommended Books

The following list includes recent books of poetry or poetics recommended by Valparaiso Poetry Review.

Publishers are encouraged to send review copies of new poetry collections or volumes on poetics to the address below. Reviewers interested in submitting a critical analysis of any of the following books for publication in Valparaiso Poetry Review are invited to email their reviews to vpr@valpo.edu:

Valparaiso Poetry Review
Edward Byrne, Editor
English Department
ASB 226
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, IN 46383

Collection is currently on hiatus due to complications from Covid restrictions


Aber, Aria: Hard Damage, University of Nebraska Press

Abraham, George: Birthright, Button Poetry

Auerbach, Amanda: What Need Have We for Such as We, C&R Press

Balaban, John: Empires, Copper Canyon Press

Ballam, Shanan: Inside the Animal: The Collected Red Riding Hood Poems, Main St. Rag Publishing

Bello, Kyce: Refugia, University of Nevada Press

Bigalk, Kris: Enough, NYQ Books

Buckley, Christopher: Cloud Memoir: Selected Longer Poems 1987-2017, Stephen F. Austin State University Press

Burwick, Kimberly: Brightword, Carnegie Mellon University Press

Cantú, Norma Elia: Meditación Fronteriza: Poems of Love, Life, and Labor, University of Arizona Press

Capista, Joseph J.: Intrusive Beauty, Ohio University Press

Carey, Sarah: Accommodations, Concrete Wolf

Carter, Jared: The Land Itself, Monongahela Books

Condon, Katie: Praying Naked, (Mad Creek Books) Ohio State University Press

Crane, Patty: Bell I Wake To, Zone 3 Press

Crooker, Barbara: Some Glad Morning, University of Pittsburgh Press

Cummings, E.E.: Selected Works, W.W. Norton

Cummins, Paul: The Collected Poems, Griffith Moon

Daniels, Jim and M.L. Liebler, Eds.: Respect: The Poetry of Detroit Music, Michigan State University Press

De Sola, Susan: Frozen Charlotte, Able Muse Press

Di Martino, Marc Alan: Unburial, Kelsay Books

Drake, Barbara: The Road to Lilac Hill: Poems of Time, Place, and Memory, Windfall Press

Dunn, Stephen: Pagan Virtues, W.W. Norton

Falkner, Adam: The Willies, Button Poetry

Fike, Francis: Dune Tracks, Fithian Press

Foley, Jack: When Sleep Comes: Shillelagh Songs, Sagging Meniscus

Foley, Laura: Why I Never Finished My Dissertation, Headmistress Press

Frazier, Marc: Willingly, Adelaide Books

Geiger, Timothy: Weatherbox, Cloudbank Books

Gómez, Carlos Andrés: Hijito, Platypus Press

Graham, David: The Honey of Earth, Terrapin Books

Harjo, Joy: An American Sunrise, W.W. Norton

Iknadossian, Arminé: All That Wasted Fruit, Main St. Rag Publishing

Jackson, Raych: Even the Saints Audition, Button Poetry

Kell, Charles: Cage of Lit Glass, Autumn House Press

Kelly, Carlos Gabriel: Wounds Fragments Derelict, 2Leaf Press

Knapp, Elizabeth: Requiem with an Amulet in Its Beak, Washington Writers’ Publishing House

Mandel, Charlotte: Alive & in Use: Poems in the Japanese Form of Haibun, Kelsay Books

McRae, Sandra S.: All the Way to Just About There, FutureCycle Press

McSorley, Andrew: What Spirits Return, Kelsay Books

Millikin, Claire: Ransom Street, 2Leaf Press

Mullen, Kay: Homecoming, Fithian Press

Olayiwola, Porsha: I Shimmer Sometimes, Too, Button Poetry

Ortolani, Al: Hansel & Gretel Get the Word on the Street, Rattle

Raisor, Philip: That Naked Country, Standing Stone Books

Rhodes, Heidi Andrea Restrepo: The Inheritance of Haunting, University of Notre Dame Press

Sahibzada, Mehnaz: My Gothic Romance, Finishing Line Press

Searl, Stanford: Songs for Diana, Kelsay Books

Seyburn, Patty: Threshold Delivery, Finishing Line Press

Singer, Jared: Forgive Yourself These Tiny Acts of Self Destruction, Button Poetry

Solonche, J.R.: If You Should See Me Walking on the Road, Kelsay Books

Solonche, J.R.: In a Public Place, Dos Madres Press

Solonche, J.R.: True Enough, Dos Madres Press

Spragins, Elizabeth Spencer: The Language of Bones: American Journeys Through Bardic Verse, Kelsay Books

Starks, Rebecca: Time Is Always Now, Able Muse Press

Stein, Allen: Your Funeral Is Very Important to Us, Main St. Rag Publishing

Tandon, Jason: The Actual World, Black Lawrence Press

Twohy, Brenna: Swallowtail, Button Poetry

Weigl, Bruce: On the Shores of Welcome Home, BOA Editions

Williams, John Sibley: As One Fire Consumes Another, Orison Books

Williams, John Sibley: Skin Memory, (The Backwaters Press) University of Nebraska Press

Wilson, Leia Penina: Splinters Are Children of Wood, University of Notre Dame Press



Abushanab, Chad: The Last Visit, Autumn House Press

Alleyne, Lauren K.: Honeyfish, New Issues Poetry & Prose

Appel, Jacob M.: The Crying in Extremis, Able Muse Press

Baird, Blythe: If My Body Could Speak, Button Poetry

Baker, David: New & Selected Poems, W.W. Norton

Barr, Tina: Green Target, Barrow Street Press

Bickham, Katie: Mouths Open to Name Her, LSU Press

Bly, Robert: Collected Poems, W.W. Norton

Bodien, Elizabeth: Blood, Metal, Fiber, Rock, Kelsay Books

Bolden, Emma: House Is an Enigma, Southeast Missouri State University Press

Bondhus, Charlie: Divining Bones, Sundress Publications

Case, Kristen: Principles of Economics, Switchback Books

Cassera, Heather Lang: I Was the Girl with the Moon-Shaped Face, Zeitgeist Press

Chapman, Robin: The Only Home We Know, Tebot Bach

Chappell, Fred: As If It Were, LSU Press

Chin, Marilyn: A Portrait of the Self as Nation: New and Selected Poems, W.W. Norton

Clark, Tiana: I Can’t Talk About the Trees Without the Blood, University of Pittsburgh Press

Cleary, Suzanne: Crude Angel, BkMk Press

Colson, Jona: Said Through Glass, Washington Writers Publishing House

Conley, Willy: Listening Through the Bone: Collected Poems, Gallaudet University Press

Czerwiec, Heidi: Fluid States, Pleiades Press

Da’,Laura: Instruments of the True Measure, University of Arizona Press

Dallagiacomo, Desiree: Sink, Button Poetry

Davis, Cortney: Taking Care of Time, Wheelbarrow Books

Davis, Todd: Native Species, Michigan State University Press

Dean, Debra Kang: Totem: America, Tiger Bark Press

Dubrow, Jehanne: American Samizdat, Diode Editions

Dunham, Rebecca: Strike, New Issues Poetry & Prose

Fisher-Wirth, Ann: The Bones of Winter Birds, Terrapin Books

Franklin, Jennifer: No Small Gift, Four Way Books

Geis, G.G. : Praise Music, Guernica World Editions

Gibson, Margaret: Not Hearing the Wood Thrush, LSU Press

Golden, Sierra: The Slow Art, Bear Star Press

Goodman, Henrietta: All That Held Us, BkMk Press

Guinzio, Carolyn: How Much of What Falls Will Be Left When It Gets to the Ground?, Tolsun Books

Haight, Ian: Celadon, Unicorn Press

Harris, Dave: Patricide, Button Poetry

Hayes, Karen: The Houses Along the Wall, Holland Park Press

Hoekstra, Doug: Unopened, Five-Minute Books

Holmes, Karen Paul: No Such Thing as Distance, Terrapin Books

Hornik, Jessica: A Door on the River, Chatwin Books

Jacques, Rob: War Poet, Sibling Rivalry Press

Jarvis, Andrew: Blood Moon, Homebound Publications

Jarvis, Andrew: Landslide, Homebound Publications

Johnson, Vanessa Couto: Pungent Dins Concentric, Tolsun Books

Jones, Ashley M.: dark // thing, Pleiades Press

Kalfopoulou, Adrianne, A History of Too Much, Red Hen Press

Kalisz, Katie: Quiet Woman, Main Street Rag Publishing Company

Karetnick, Jen: The Crossing Over, Split Rock Review

Kildegaard, Athena: Course, Tinderbox Editions

Laux, Dorianne: Only as the Day Is Long: New and Selected Poems, W.W. Norton

Lee, Donna J. Gelagotis: Intersection on Neptune, The Poetry Press

Lee, Michael: The Only Worlds We Know, Button Poetry

Leonin, Mia: Fable of the Pack-Saddle Child, BkMk Press

Levering, Donald: Previous Lives, Red Mountain Press

Longenbach, James: How Poems Get Made, W.W. Norton

Lopez, Casandra: Brother Bullet, University of Arizona Press

Mathhieu, Irene: Grand Marronage, Switchback Books

McCartt-Jackson, Sarah: Calf Canyon, Brain Mill Press

McClung, Kathleen: The Typists Play Monopoly, Kelsay Books

McConnell, Marty: When They Say You Can’t Go Home Again, What They Mean Is You Were Never There, Southern Indiana Review Press

McDermott, Sharon Fagan: Life Without Furniture, Jacar Press

McFarland, JoAnne: Identifying the Body, The Word Works

Menes, Orlando Ricardo: Memoria, LSU Press

Moore, Berwyn: Sweet Herbaceous Miracle, BkMk Press

Moore, Julie L.: Full Worm Moon, Cascade Books

Mora, Pat: Encantado, University of Arizona Press

Muradyan, Luisa: American Radiance, University of Nebraska Press

Murphy, Erin: Assisted Living, Brick Road Poetry Press

Murray, Nina: Alcestis in the Underworld, Circling Rivers

Murrey, Matthew: Bulletproof, Jacar Press

Nelson, Paul: Learning to Miss, Guernica World Editions

Osherow, Jacqueline: My Lookalike at the Krishna Temple, LSU Press

Oswald, Alice: A Sleepwalk on the Severn, W.W. Norton

Peelen, Mary: Quantum Heresies, Glass Lyre Press

Pope, Colin: Why I Didn’t Go to Your Funeral, Tolson Books

Porter, Cati: The Body at a Loss, CavanKerry Press

Quillen, Rita Sims: The Mad Farmer’s Wife, Texas Review Press

Ray, Ricky: Fealty, Diode Books

Richards, Marilee: The Double Zero, Bauhan Publishing

Roney-O’Brien, Susan: Bone Circle, Kelsay Books

Rosenberg, Lisa: A Different Physics, Red Mountain Press

Rothman, Wesley: Subwoofer, New Issues Press

Schofield, Don: The Flow of Wonder, Kelsay Books

Seely, Shane: The First Echo, LSU Press

Sideris, Hilary: The Silent B, Dos Madres Press

Sideris, Hilary: Un Amore Veloce, Kelsay Books

Silverman, Sue William: If the Girl Never Learns, Brick Mantel Books

Solonche, J.R.: I, Emily Dickinson & Other Found Poems, Deerbrook Editions

Solonche, J.R.: In Short Order, Kelsay Books

Spires, Elizabeth: A Member of the Future, W.W. Norton

Springer, Jane: Moth, LSU Press

Stangeland, Joannie: The Scene You See, Ravenna Press

Stern, Sarah: We Have Been Lucky in the Midst of Misfortune, Kelsay Books

Tadros, Billie R.: The Tree We Planted and Buried You In, Otis Books

Tavel, Adam: Catafalque, University of Evansville Press

Thomas, Daniel: Deep Pockets, Saint Julian Press

Walrath, Holly Lyn: Glimmerglass Girl, Finishing Line Press

Werstein, Ed: A Tar Pit to Dye In, Kelsay Books

Yarrow, Bill: Against Prompts, Lit Fest Press



Albin, C.D.: Axe, Fire, Mule, Golden Antelope Press

Ammons, A.R.: The Complete Poems of A.R. Ammons, W.W. Norton

Anderson, Idris: Doubtful Harbor, Ohio University Press

Balbo, Ned: Upcycling Paumanok, Measure Press

Barnett, Cameron: The Drowning Boy’s Guide to Water, Autumn House Press

Barnstone, Willis: Poets of the Bible: From Solomon’s Song to John’s Revelations, W.W. Norton

Becker, Robin: The Black Bear Inside Me, University of Pittsburgh Press

Belin, Esther G.: Of Cartography, University of Arizona Press

Bennett, Chad: Word of Mouth: Gossip and American Poetry, Johns Hopkins University Press

Bialosky, Jill: Poetry Will Save Your Life, Atria Books

Bingham-Risher: Starlight & Error, Diode Editions

Blazek, Douglas: After Walking To and Fro and Up and Down in It, Edition Muta

Blazek, Douglas: A Long Rope at the Edge of the Void, Edition Muta

Bly, Robert: Collected Poems, W.W. Norton

Boss, Todd: Tough Luck, W.W. Norton

Bracker, Jonathan: Concerning Poetry: Poems About Poetry, Upper Hand Press

Brosnan, Catharine Savage: A Memory of Manaus, Mercer University Press

Buckley, Christopher: Chaos Theory, Plume Editions

Carroll, Judith Waller: What You Saw and Still Remember, Main Street Rag Publishing Company

Case, Susana H.: Drugstore Blue, Five Oaks Press

Chitwood, Michael: Search & Rescue, LSU Press

Cisewski, Paula: Quitter, Diode Editions

Clark, Patricia: The Canopy, Terrapin Books

Clark, Patricia: Deadlifts, New Michigan Press

Clements, Brian, Alexandra Teague, and Dean Rader (Eds.): Bullets into Bells: Poets and Citizens Respond to Gun Violence, Beacon Press

Collins, Christopher P.: My American Night, University of Georgia Press

Collins: Michael: Appearances, Saddle Road Press

Connolly, Geraldine: Aileron, Terrapin Books

Coolidge, Clark: Selected Poems 1962-1985, Station Hill

Cooperman, Robert: Draft Board Blues, FutureCycle Press

Crisler, Curtis: The Grey Album, Steel Toe Books

Cundieff, Melissa: Darling Nova, Autumn House Press

Cushman, Stephen: Hothead, LSU Press

Daniels, Jim: Street Calligraphy, Steel Toe Books

Dickman, Matthew: Wonderland, W.W. Norton

Eastwood, Robert: Romer, Etruscan Press

Emerson, Claudia: Clouds Before Time and Space, LSU Press

Fennelly, Beth Ann: Heating & Cooling, W.W. Norton

Fisher-Wirth, Ann: Mississippi, Wings Press

FitzPatrick, Kevin: Still Living in Town, Midwest Villages & Voices

Friedman, Jeff: Floating Tales, Plume Editions

Frith, Laverne: Estuaries of the Mind, Authors Press

Gelpi, Barbara Charlesworth, Albert Gelpi, and Brett Miller (Eds.): Adrienne Rich Poetry and Prose, W.W. Norton

Goetsch, Diana: In America, Rattle

Goodfellow, Jessica: Whiteout, University of Alaska Press

Goodman, Eleanor: Nine Dragon Island, Zephyr Press

Gould, Henry: Ravenna Diagram, Dos Madres

Gubernat, Susan: The Zoo at Night, University of Nebraska Press

Hamby, Barbara: Bird Odyssey, University of Pittsburgh Press

Harél, Jared: Go Because I Love You, Diode Editions

Harms, Joseph: Bel, Expat Press

Hirschhorn, Norbert: Stone. Bread. Salt., Holland Park Press

Hsien, Ya (John Balcom, Tr.): Abyss, Zephyr Press

Irwin, John T.: The Poetry of Weldon Kees: Vanishing as Presence, Johns Hopkins University Press

Irwin, Mark: A Passion According to Green, Western Michigan University Press

Johnson, Halvard: Floating Objects, Spuyten Duyvil

Kampa, Courtney: Our Lady of Not Asking Why, Western Michigan University Press

Keeler, Greg: The Bluebird Run, Elk River Books

Kelly, Joseph (Ed.): The Seagull Book of Poems, W.W. Norton

Kennedy, X.J.: That Swing: Poems, 2008-2016, Johns Hopkins University Press

Kildegaard, Athena: Ventriloquy, Tinderbox Editions

King, Dicko: Bird Years, Mayapple Press

Kobylarz, Philip: Kanji Amerikana, Dos Madres Press

Krapf, Norbert: Catholic Boy’s Blues, In Extenso Press

Kronenfeld, Judy: Bird Flying through the Banquet, FutureCycle Press

La Villa-Havelin, Jim: West: Poems of a Place, Wings Press

Lane, John: Anthropocene Blues, Mercer University Press

Lee, Li-Young: The Undressing, W.W. Norton

Legaspi, Joseph O.: Threshold, CavanKerry Press

Loggins, V.P.: The Green Cup, Cider Press Review

Longenbach, James: Earthing, W.W. Norton

Longenbach, James: How Poems Get Made, W.W. Norton

Lyons, Jacqueline: Earthquake Daily, New Michigan Press

MacFadyen, Janet: Waiting to Be Born, Dos Madres Press

Maher, Kelly Hansen: Tremolo, Tinderbox Editions

Makofske, Mary: World Enough, and Time, Kelsay Books

Marchant, Fred: Said Not Said, Graywolf Press

Martin, Charles: Future Perfect, Johns Hopkins University Press

Masini, Donna: 4:30 Movie, W.W. Norton

Mason, David: The Sound, Red Hen Press

Matuk, Farid: The Real Horse, University of Arizona Press

McCarthy, Opal: Surge, Tinderbox Editions

McClung, Laren (Ed.): Inheriting the War: Poetry and Prose by Descendants of Vietnam Veterans and Refugees, W.W. Norton

Meadows, Carrie: Speak, My Tongue, Calypso Editions

Mensch, Joshua: Because, W.W. Norton

Meyer, Nadine Sabra: Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, Western Michigan University Press

Miller, Carly Joy: Ceremonial, Orison Books

Mitchell, Thomas: Caribou, Lost Horse Press

Moritz, Rachel: Sweet Velocity, Lost Roads Press

Mountain, Alicia: High Ground Coward, University of Iowa Press

Muench, Simone & Dean Rader: Suture, Black Lawrence Press

Newman, Richard Jeffrey: Words for What Those Men Have Done, Guernica Editions

O’Donnell, Angela Alaimo: Still Pilgrim, Paraclete Press

O’Rourke, Meghan: Sun in Days, W.W. Norton

Orr, Gregory: A Primer for Poets & Readers of Poetry, W.W. Norton

Osayande, Deonte: Circus, Brick Mantel Books

O’Siadhail, Micheal: One Crimson Thread, Baylor University Press

Page, William: In This Maybe Best of All Possible Worlds, FutureCycle Press

Palmer, H.C.: Feet of the Messenger, BkMk Press

Partridge, Kate: Ends of the Earth, University of Alaska Press

Pastan, Linda: A Dog Runs Through It, W.W. Norton

Perham, Brittany: Double Portrait, W.W. Norton

Pettit, Rhonda: Riding the Wave Train, Dos Madres Press

Pimentel, Sasha: For Want of Water and Other Poems, Beacon Press

Rauk, Katharine: Buried Choirs, Tinderbox Editions

Roma-Deeley, Lois: The Short List of Certainties, Franciscan University Press

Ronan, John: Taking the Train of Singularity South from Midtown, Backwaters Press

Roxas-Chua, Sam: Saying Your Name Three Times Underwater, Lithic Press

Runyan, Tanya: What Will Soon Take Place, Paraclete Press

Satterfield, Jane: Apocalyse Mix, Autumn House Press

Schneider, Mather: A Bag of Hands, Rattle

Schmeidler, Lynn: History of Gone, Veliz Press

Schultz, Philip: Luxury, W.W. Norton

Sherrard, Cherene: Vixen, Autumn House Press

Solonche, J.R.: The Black Birch, Kelsay Books

Solonche, J.R.: Won’t Be Long, Deerbrook Editions

Smallwood, Carol: Prisms, Particles, and Refractions, Finishing Line Press

Spires, Elizabeth: A Memory of the Future, W.W. Nortpn

Sterling, Phillip: And Then Snow, Main St. Rag Publishing Co.

Stern, Gerald: Galaxy Love, W.W. Norton

Suermondt, Tim: The World Doesn’t Know You, Pinyon Publishing

Tanacea, Kendra: A Filament Burns in Blue Degrees, Lost Horse Press

Taylor, David: Palm Up, Palm Down, Wings Press

Thaxton, Terry Ann: Mud Song, Truman State University Press

Tolan, James: Filched, Dos Madres Press

Town, Jen: The Light of What Comes After, Bauhan Publishing

Van Doren, Sally: Promise, LSU Press

Veach, Cindy: Gloved Against Blood, CavanKerry Press

Vincenz, Mar: Leaning into the Infinite, Dos Madres

Vines, Adam: Out of Speech, LSU Press

Wahmanholm, Claire: Night Vision, New Michigan Press

Wallace, Jennifer: Almost Entirely, Paraclete Press

Wangerin, Jr., Walter: The Absolute, Relatively Inaccessible, Cascade Books

Wardrop, Daneen: Life As It, Ashland Poetry Press

Wardrop, Daneen: Silk Road, Etruscan Press

Wells, Lisa: The Fix, University of Iowa Press

Wiley, Rachel: Nothing Is Okay, Button Poetry

Wolverton, Terry: Ruin Porn, Finishing Line Press

Wong, Pui Ying: An Emigrant’s Winter, Glass Lyre Press

Wright, Erica: All the Bayou Stories End with Drowned, Black Lawrence Press



Addonizio, Kim: Mortal Trash, W.W. Norton

Allen, Jason: A Meditation on Fire, Southeast Missouri State University Press

Amen, John: Illusion of an Overwhelm, NYQ Books

Anstett, Aaron: Moreover, Sagging Meniscus

Arnoult, Darnell: Galaxie Wagon, LSU Press

Baker, David: Scavenger Loop, W.W. Norton

Banias, Ari: Anybody, W.W. Norton

Barker, Wendy: One Blackbird at a Time, BkMk Press

Barker, Wendy & Dave Parsons (Eds.): Far Out: Poems of the ’60s, Wings Press

Bateman, Claire: Scape, Western Michigan University Press

Bauer, Grace: The Women at the Well, Stephen F. Austin University Press

Beck, Zeina Hashem: Louder than Hearts, Bauhan Publishing

Bell, Heather: Kill the Dogs, Rattle

Bernard, April: Brawl and Jag, W.W. Norton

Bingham-Risher, Remica: Starlight & Error, Diode Editions

Blair, David: Arsonville, Western Michigan University Press

Boening, Justin: Not on the Last day, But on the Very Last, Milkweed Editions

Boland, Eavan: A Poet’s Dublin, W.W. Norton

Boland, Eavan: A Woman Without a Country, W.W. Norton

Bolling, Bonnie: The Red Hijab, BkMk Press

Boss, Todd: Tough Luck, W.W. Norton

Botts, Elena: We’ll Beachcomb for Their Broken Bones, Coffeetown Press

Bradd, Bill: Continent of Ghosts, Wild Ocean Press

Branco, Rosa Alice: Cattle of the Lord (Tr. Alexis Levitin), Milkweed Editions

Brasfield, James: Infinite Altars, LSU Press

Bray, Tara: Small Mothers of Fright, LSU Press

Brennan, Matthew: One Life, Lamar University Literary Press

Bricuth, John: Pure Products of America, Inc., Johns Hopkins

Bridgford, Kim: Human Interest, White Violet Press

Brownlee, J. Scott: Requiem for Used Ignition Cap, Orison Books

Buckley, Christopher: Star Journal: Selected Poems, University of Pittsburgh Press

Burke, Michelle Y.: Animal Purpose, Ohio University Press

Burns, Shannon: Oosh Boosh, 421 Atlanta

Carlise, Chuck: In One Version of the Story, Western Michigan University Press

Casey, Kevin: And Waking…, Bottom Dog Press

Caspers, Patricia: In the Belly of the Albatross, Glass Lyre Press

Chai, Eleanor: Standing Water, Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Channer, Colin: Providential, Akashic Books

Cheney, Chris: Lay Me Low, 421 Atlanta

Chin, Marilyn: Hard Love Province, W.W. Norton

Cisewski, Paula: Quitter, Diode Editions

Cohen, Susan: A Different Wakeful Animal, Red Dragonfly Press

Compton, Wayde & Renee Sarojini Saklikar (Eds.): The Revolving City: 51 Poems and the Stories Behind Them, Anvil Press

Cook, Christina: A Strange Insomnia, Aldrich Press

Coolidge, Clark: Selected Poems 1962-1985, Station Hill

Creighton, Allison: Drawing Down the Moon, Turning Point Press

Cushway, Philip and Michael Warr (Eds.): Of Poetry & Protest: From Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin, W.W. Norton

Czaia, Zach: Saint Paul Lives Here (in Minnesota), Resource Publications

Dameron, Chip: Drinking from the River: New and Selected Poems, 1975–2015, Wings Press

Daniels, Jim: Rowing Inland, Wayne State University Press

Davis, Carol V.: Because I Cannot Leave This Body, Truman State University Press

Davis, Jeffrey: Coat Thief, Saint Julian Press

Day, Lucille Lang: Becoming an Ancestor, Cervena Barva Press

Day, Lucille Lang: Dreaming of Sunflowers, Blue Light Press

De Koninck, Jessica: Cutting Room, Terrapin Books

Donnelly, Susan: The Path of the Thunder, Cervena Barva Press

Doty, Mark: Deep Lane, W.W. Norton

Dove, Rita: Collected Poems: 1974–2004, W.W. Norton

Driskell, Kathleen: Next Door to the Dead, University Press of Kentucky

Dunham, Rebecca: Cold Pastoral, Milkweed Editions

Eliot, T.S.: The Poems of T.S. Eliot: Volume I, Collected & Uncollected Poems (Annotated Text), Johns Hopkins

Eliot, T.S.: The Poems of T.S. Eliot: Volume II, Practical Cats & Further Verses (Annotated Text), Johns Hopkins

Espada, Martin: Vivas to Those Who Have Failed, W.W. Norton

Evans, Christine: Cloudless: a novel in verse, University of Western Australia

Fagan, Kathy: Sycamore, Milkweed Editions

Fairchild, B.H.: The Blue Buick: New and Selected Poems, W.W. Norton

Fleming, Deborah: Into a New Country, Cherry Grove Collections

Frazier, Marc: Each Thing Touches, Glass Lyre Press

Freeman, Matthew: Everything I Love Restored and Other Poems, Coffeetown Press

Freeman, Philip: Searching for Sappho: The lost Songs and World of the First Woman Poet, W.W. Norton

Frith, Carol: Early Echoes, FutureCycle Press

Frith, Laverne: The Evaporating Hours, Authors Press

Fulton, Alice: Barely Composed, W.W. Norton

Ganassi, Ian: Mean Numbers, China Grove Press

Garcia, Kim: The Brighter House, White Pine Press

Garcia, Kim: Drone, Backwaters Press

Gardiner, Elee Kraljii: Serpentine Loop, Anvil Press

Gardner, Susan: Lifted to the Wind: Poems 1974–2015, Red Mountain Press

Gelineau, Christine: Crave, NYQ Books

Gillan, Maria Mazziotti: What Blooms in Winter, NYQ Books

Goodman, Eleanor: Nine Dragon Island, Zephyr Press

Gourdine, Traci: Ringing in the Wind, Ad Lumen Press

Green, Sarah: Earth Science, 421 Atlanta

Greenlaw, Lavinia: A Double Sorrow: A Version of Troilus and Criseyde, W.W. Norton

Greinke, Eric & Glenna Luschei: Zen Duende (collaborative poems), Presa Press

Grossberg, Benjamin S.: An Elegy, Jacar Press

Grotz, Jennifer: Window Left Open, Graywolf Press

Guida, George: Pugilistic, WordTech Editions

Gwiazda, Piotr: Aspects of Strangers, Moria Books

Habra, Hedy: Under Brushstrokes, Press 53

Hammond, Mary Stewart: Entering History, W.W. Norton

Hammons, Chera: Recycled Explosions, Ink Brush Press

Harjo, Joy: Conflict Resolutions for Holy Beings, W.W. Norton

Harrison, Martin: Happiness, University of Western Australia

Hart, Gwen: The Empress of Kisses, Texas Review Press

Herceg, Karen Corinne: Out from Caboose, Nirala

Hetherington, Joal: On the Edge of No Answer, Bauhan Publishing

Hickman, Lou Ella: She: Robed and Wordless, Press 53

Hinrichsen, Dennis: Skin Music, Southern Indiana Review Press

Holder, Alan: Sky Gazer, Anaphora Literary Press

Houle, Adam: Stray, Lithic Press

Howe, Marie: Magdalene, W.W. Norton

Howell, Christopher: Love’s Last Numbers, Milkweed Editions

Hsien, Ya (Tr. John Balcom): Abyss, Zephyr Press

Huddle, David: Dream Sender, LSU Press

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