Edison Jennings: “Feathered Heraldry”


          For David Baker

Pileated, splay-clawed

Peckerhead appears,

An unfazed red-fezed

Rapiered musketeer

Grappled to a maple,

Pecking paradiddles.

Fusillades of brisk tattoos

Rattle through the trees,

Rapping out the news

That spring outflanks the winter

Along the southern front,

Advancing all aflutter.

Edison Jennings’ poetry has appeared or will soon appear in BoulevardInertiaKenyon ReviewLiteral LattéPoetry DailyRiver StyxSlateSouthern ReviewSouthwest ReviewSouthern Poetry Review, and TriQuarterly. His chapbook, Reckoning, is published by Jacar Press.

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