Mercedes Lawry: “Eye Exam”


I tuck my chin

on the ledge, lean

forward into splash

of lights, directed

up, down, side to side.

Drops in to thoughts of

Clockwork Orange,

the Alex eye.

My vision’s improved,

astounding at this stage,

but hovering on the left

optical nerve,

a shadow, a ‘mole’

the doctor calls it,

barely concerning

but somewhat.

She takes a picture and there

on the screen

are my eyes, two harvest moons

and the little black blip

that may be nothing, is likely

nothing. I hover

between reasonable caution

and flat panic,

drive away in dilated blur,

focusing on

those glowing orbs,

that damned spot,

nascent eclipse,

budding thief.

Mercedes Lawry has published poems in such journals as Poetry, Natural Bridge, Nimrod, and Prairie Schooner, as well as two chapbooks, There are Crows in My Blood and Happy Darkness, and received honors from the Seattle Arts Commission, Jack Straw Foundation, Artist Trust and the Richard Hugo House.

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