No longer will I keep the parchment

so long rolled for safe-keeping


not easily uncurled now as if not meant

to open again. The match’s flame


first licks an edge, then catches hold.

No regret as I watch the smoke


lift away, mirroring the marriage

that stopped holding the two of us.


Gone the calligraphy of intentions,

the syntax of commitment.


The flame flickers, burns itself out

the ash that speaks of that day


falters, falls through the grate

to be cast off into life’s detritus.


Connemara Wadsworth’s chapbook, The Possibility of Scorpions, won the White Eagle Coffee Store Press 2009 Chapbook Contest. Her poems have appeared in magazines such as Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Comstock Review, Connecticut River Review, Ibbetson Street, Northern New England Review, Off the Coast, Poetlore, and others.

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