Juleigh Howard Hobson: “Last Stand”


Last year’s leaves have mingled with last month’s snow,

Melting now, but not quite gone. Hard edged and

Jagged, it sits unyielding in shadow

Under trees. It won’t last much past this stand

It’s taken against early spring. Rains will

Do it in. Rains and inevitable

Warmth that are the end of winter. But still,

Despite the growing inhospitable

Weather, the snow remains. And with it some

Last lingering glory that its frozen light

Lends the leaves. Pretty soon it will become

A dark raggedy mess, melting past leaves tight

Along the roots. But now, now it remains,

Defying the approach of spring and rains.

Juleigh Howard Hobson has had her poetry appear in many journals, including Alabama Literary Review, The Lyric, Able Muse, Raintown Review, Sugar Mule, Mezzo Cammin, New Verse News, Soundzine, Poemeleon, Autumn Sky Poetry, and Umbrella. She has served as assistant poetry editor at Able Muse. Her fourth and most recent formal poetry collection is Remind Me (Ancient Cypress Press).

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