Lynnell Edwards: “High School Reunion Weekend”


The guy who survived the plane crash     The guy who is a rabbi   The girl who made the documentary  The guy who wrote the bestseller  The party Friday night   The guy who lost his son   The guy who ran for office (and lost)   The Q &A with the panel of students    The guy who got expelled senior year   The wine tasting Saturday night   (The girl who is in the wine business)   The girl who is class correspondent   The guy who is back for the first time     in thirty-five years   The guy who gave the TED talk   The guy who never showed   The girl who is on the faculty now   The memorial Sunday morning   (The guy who died of bone cancer)   The  guy who has a start-up in the weed business   The brunch Sunday morning   The students with their plates full    The faculty with their plates full   The drive to the airport in the rain

Lynnell Edwards is the author of three full-length collections of poetry, most recently Covet (Red Hen Press, 2011), and a chapbook Kings of the Rock and Roll Hot Shop (Accents, 2014).  She is Associate Program Director of the Spalding University MFA in Creative Writing in Louisville, Ky.

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