Peter Grandbois: “The light is different, after”


The murmur of voices riven

from the earth where my shovel

digs beneath the sycamore

And my dog shoves his nose into

the hole as if he could scent

the tangled roots and echoes

And I stop my shovel from cutting

through because he paws the dirt

with such ferocity that I’m sure

he’s discovered something I can’t

see, something I didn’t want

to know, and I nudge him away

with my knee because I also know

he won’t stop until he breaks

a nail like he did the last time

when he bled all over the house

because we are all breaking and

because the door is opening and

because what we leave behind

sounds an awful lot like this.

Peter Grandbois is the author of eleven books, the most recent of which is The Three-Legged World (published as Triptych with books by the poets James McCorkle and Robert Miltner, Etruscan 2019). His poems, stories, and essays have appeared in over one hundred journals. His plays have been nominated for several New York Innovative Theatre Awards and have been performed in St. Louis, Columbus, Los Angeles, and New York. He is poetry editor at Boulevard magazine and teaches at Denison University in Ohio.

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