Easy to see how you could think
the wind has paid a call to tell
of something sinister, a yell
of rising pitch outside, in sync

with air beneath the shade. A chill
invades a darkened room like mist
a meadow. Now the wind insists
assaulting glass and sash and sill.

Invisible as thought, it gains
control, stalking impending rest,
this rattled window’s ventriloquist.
The wind shifts. Still, the noise remains.

With gestures of a martial art
he leaps from bed, picks from a stash
of ready wedges, one, secures the sash.
The ghost is dead, stake through the heart!



Donald Wheelock has published many poems in journals. His chapbook In the Sea of Dreams is available at Gallery of Readers Press. His first full-length book of poetry, It’s Hard Enough to Fly, will be issued in the fall of 2022 by Kelsay Books.

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