Sweet, sticky syrup. Fresh strawberries and bananas. Decadent chocolate and powdered sugar.

Whether you liked your waffles smothered with toppings or drenched in syrup, the Sunday morning waffle fix could only be satisfied at Wehrenberg Hall. Rain, snow, or shine, students flocked to ’Berg — sometimes in pajamas and sometimes in their Sunday best — to delight in one of Valpo’s most calorie-laden traditions. To the disappointment of many, ’Berg Café was demolished to make room for campus expansion. Now, to partake in this timeless breakfast treat, students head to Founders in the Harre Union.

The wafting smell was like a beacon. It didn’t matter what you wore or what you looked like — everyone showed up.
Rachael Carbone ’02

My intro to the Sunday Waffles was during 1994–1995, when ’Berg was still being renovated and they were in Brandt Hall. Half strawberry, half apple topping. Yum!
David Walker ’96

If you didn’t attend Sunday Chapel and wanted to beat the church crowd to ’Berg, you had to make sure you were out the door by 10 to noon! But even if you did get stuck in the never-ending line, it was worth the wait!
Katie Kerwin ’06 Chappelle

I just remember the awesome smell and meeting up with friends for breakfast every Sunday.
Alissa Douglas ’00

You don’t go to Founders for just the meal, you come for the experience. You can really do anything — homework, watch TV, meet new people. It’s a homey feel, kind of like mom’s kitchen.
Andrew Padilla ’19

I still remember rolling out of bed on Sundays, going to the cafeteria in my PJs, and savoring the days when my friends and I beat the rush. My all-time favorite ’Berg waffle toppings?Strawberries and chocolate syrup! Not to mention a heaping of corned beef hash on the side. Yum!
Ashley Funk ’09 Newton

My Valpo Sunday schedule: 3 a.m. ­— Go to bed; 9:30 a.m. ­— Wake up; 10 a.m. ­— Chapel; 11 a.m. WAFFLES loaded with whipped cream. A lot of it!
Todd Tribble ’96

A group of five or six of us went to ’Berg every Sunday for waffles, often braving the long lines of people!
Meg Mall ’01

I remember walking all the way from Dau/Kreinheder for them freshman year!
Meredith Fleming ’93

I really like the people who work at Founders because they’re really sunshiney and welcoming, and they really care about the students even though the interactions are brief.
Felicia Escandon ’19

I love the dining staff in Founders. I come in and no matter what kind of day I’m having they, without a doubt, put a smile on my face. And the biggest advocate of that is Marianne, because she knows my name and she always asks about Track and Field and how practice and meets are.
Nathan Dotts ’19

Waffles were a big deal for people after attending Chapel. I went to St. T’s for Mass at 9 p.m. and easily avoided the waffle rush!
Andrew Bordewick ’03

I love that they added the Baby Blues station where you can get ribs and pulled pork and mac and cheese that is consistently great.
Edgar Diaz ’17

My favorite thing about Founders is the location. Whether I’m heading back to the residential hall or off to class, it’s always more or less on the way. My favorite food: the waffles, obviously.
David Purvis-Fenker ’15, ’16 M.S.