Summer 2015

The Campanile

Additional Updates

The fourth annual Walt Wangerin Speaking Series, sponsored by the Chapel of the Resurrection, the Center for Church Relations, and the Institute of Liturgical Studies, will bring four notable speakers to campus during the 2015-2016 academic year.

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Day of Giving

Proud to be Valpo

What would happen if our entire global community supported our cause — supported our mission to prepare women and men to lead and serve throughout the world? Would our world become a better place? Would more students have the opportunities to cultivate a bright future like yours? Would we become a leading, global institution renowned worldwide for centuries to come?

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Karl and Peter Lutze

Long Journey Toward Equality

Walk alongside Karl Lutze and his son, Peter, as they tell the story of 1965, when they, along with other faculty and students, traveled to Alabama to promote civil rights. Read the accounts of Valpo’s current faculty and staff, who embarked on a similar journey to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

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A Closer Look: The Guild at 84

An 84-year-old organization, the University Guild has played a significant role in shaping the University’s past and present. Transport to those college days filled with anticipated Guild cakes and care packages and discover something new about the organization’s longstanding impact on campus.

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Though the Center for the Arts, the Harre Union, and other campus buildings now sit in its path, “the tundra” was once infamously known at Valpo for the biting cold and wind that students experienced as they trudged across campus to class.

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