Master's Programs

 Administration, Commerce, Economics, Technology, & Media 

 MA in Arts & Entertainment Administration
Master of Ministry Administration
Master of Health Administration
MS in Healthcare Administration 
MS in Analytics and Modeling
 MS in Digital Media
MA in Comparative Global Inquiry
MS in Cyber Security
MS in Cyber Security (Online)
 MS in Information Technology
 MS in International Commerce & Policy
 MS in International Economics & Finance 
 MS in Sports Administration
 MS in Sports Media

Nursing & Business

BSN to Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP)
 Post-MSN Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP)
 MS in Nursing Education
MS in Nursing/Master of Health Administration
 Master of Business Administration
 Master of Engineering Management

 Counseling & Education

 MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
MS in International Human Services and Counseling
 MEd in School Counseling
 MEd/Education Specialist in School Psychology
MEd Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship Program
 MEd in Initial Licensure
 MEd in Initial Licensure (LEAPs Program)
MEd in Initial Licensure (Teaching Chinese Track)
 MEd in Instructional Leadership
MEd with a Concentration in Humane Education
MA in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

 Languages, Humanities, & Social Sciences

 MA in Chinese Studies
 MA in Chinese Studies-specialized track for P-12 Teachers
  MA in English Studies & Communication
MA in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
 MALS in English
 MALS in Ethics & Values
 MALS in History
MA or MALS in Humane Education
 MALS in Human Behavior & Society
 MALS in Theology, Theology & Ministry
 MALS in Theology & Ministry-Deaconess Track
 MALS in Individualized Concentration

 Law (Dual Degree Programs)

 Dual Degree Programs
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