Paying for Graduate Studies

Valparaiso University’s Graduate Studies offers financial assistance for new and current students including scholarships, assistantships, internships, campus employment, and even federal loans that can assist paying your costs in full.

Graduate tuition at Valpo is surprisingly affordable. As one of the highest ranked institutions in the Midwest for value and academic reputation, our costs remain lower and competitive with most private graduate schools across the nation. The majority of our graduate degree programs can be completed either part-time or full-time within 18-24 months at a tuition and fee cost of approximately $24,296 for the entire graduate program (for programs with 37 credits). The total duration and cost varies by graduate program.

Federal loans are available to help cover the entire cost of tuition for incoming domestic students. Be sure to complete your FAFSA online before or during the admission process.


For more detailed information about tuition and fees, please visit the link below:

Scholarships and graduate assistantships are available for students for select programs. Admitted students must display exceptional academic and/or professional achievement. Students interested in scholarships are encouraged to contact an admissions staff member within the Graduate Studies at 219.464.5313 or Awards are made at the time of admission and indicated on acceptance letters.


There are a limited number of Research Assistantships available to graduate students. The amount and number of assistantships awarded vary by year and department. Please contact your program’s department chair for further updates and information regarding this topic.


Graduate assistantships may be available for athletic teams, based on each team’s seasonal needs. Assistantships may offer partial or full tuition and/or a stipend. For more information, visit Valpo Athletics to contact athletic team coaches.


Available positions are posted on Handshake through Career Services. Each position works closely with an element of the Graduate Studies’s daily operations – admissions, academic services, student events, marketing, and alumni outreach. These positions are available throughout the year as needed. Employment is based on experience in relevant fields or desired interest working within higher education.


  • Graduate Student Aides
  • Department Positions
  • Graduate Student Ambassadors

Positions may be posted at anytime throughout the year. Please check Handshake, Graduate Studies social media, and other announcements to learn about available employment opportunities available for current and incoming new students.


Contact Information

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