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College Tuition & Fees

Cost of Attendance

The total cost of attendance at Valparaiso University is an estimate of “direct charges” and “indirect costs” you can expect in an academic year. The tuition and fees associated with a Valpo education will differ between students depending on factors like degree sought and academic major, as well as personal preferences such as living arrangement and meal plan. Additional fees may be charged by the University. A complete list of tuition and fees is provided within this section.

Understanding College Tuition and Fees

  • Direct charges are services provided directly by the University and are billed to your student account on a semester basis. Such as college tuition, fees, housing, and food.
  • Indirect costs are expenses you will incur but are not billed by the University. These costs are used to determine total financial aid eligibility and to help you plan for all expenses related to your education and college experience.

Tuition Calculator: Estimate Your College Costs

For an estimate of aid, please complete our Net Price Calculator below. After completing the net price calculator, print a copy of the results and contact us to begin planning for a Valpo education

Reach Out to Our Financial Aid Office

We’re happy to help you understand and apply for scholarships and financial aid. If you have questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid: