At Valparaiso University, student employees are guaranteed to earn the federal minimum wage, and can earn more depending on the position and any merit raises. The University Comptroller, Office of Financial Aid, Office of Human Resource Services, and Payroll Office review the pay scale each year.

Pay Scale for the Current Academic Year

  1. $7.25 – $8.00/hr
  2. $7.25 – $8.50/hr
  3. $7.25 – $9.00/hr
  4. $7.25 – $10.00/hr
  5. $7.25 – $11.50/hr


Student employees are allowed to earn merit raises, as long as they stay within the pay scale for that classification. Raises are awarded from the supervisor for satisfactory work.

Opportunities change over time, but fall into three categories:

Service Positions (SSER)

  • Positions are in Dining Services Facilities Management
  • Training is offered
  • Little or no experience is needed

Support Positions (SSUP)

  • Positions are available in Valparaiso’s administrative offices and local non-profits
  • Tasks support the organization’s needs
  • Training is
  • Little or no experience is needed

Technical Positions (STEC)

  • Positions involve significant responsibility and specialized skills
  • Work sites may be on-campus or in local non-profits
  • may need certification or  specific class
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