Processing Benefits

Valparaiso University is honored to work with Veterans as they pursue an education whether in our Undergraduate Programs or through our Graduate/Law School. In order to better serve this population the following information is provided as a guide to how the University processes VA funds.

What we need

The Office of Financial Aid needs a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility from each individual who receives Veterans benefits. This certificate provides us with necessary information about which program a student is eligible for and how long the benefits will continue. A copy of the DD214 is also required.

We encourage all Veterans to visit the Office of Financial Aid in Kretzmann Hall to meet our VA Certifying Official if they have any questions.

What happens next

Once a student has confirmed registration the Office of Financial Aid can begin putting information into the VA- ONCE Program. Students still making changes to their schedule or those who were admitted later in the process may see a delay in their VA certification due to how information has to be entered into the VA-ONCE Program.

Every attempt is made to have all the necessary information into the VA system by the first week in August for the fall semester and by the first week in December for the spring semester. Summer certifications are done May through July because of the two summer sessions.

Who to contact

: Ann Weitgenant, Associate Director Financial Aid

Lindsey Mooneyhan, Senior Assistant Director Financial Aid

219.464.5015 or

We understand there may be delays in when you receive your money from the VA and the University makes every attempt to provide the necessary information in a timely fashion. There will always be situations outside our control and we ask your patience as we work to better serve our growing Veterans population.